Thursday, May 10, 2012

White Dotted Swiss

Early morning run to Wal-Mart.  For an ink cartridge of all things.  School project due and we're out of ink.

Whooshing down the main aisle, heading toward electronics, and there it was.

Beautiful white dotted swiss.  Pretty little blouse with fluttery cap sleeves, airy floating body and a double ruffle on the bottom.  1970s all over again.

What is it about white dotted swiss?  I can't quite remember.  Did one of my grandmothers have it hanging across a kitchen window?  Was it on a dust ruffle peeking out from under a quilt on a childhood bed?  I do know that it makes up several of the patches on my all-white, patchwork junior high graduation dress.  And yes, that would be in the '70s!  When else?

Something about the little blouse makes my heart leap . . . soft, cool, cotton, textured, polka-dotted, floaty, ruffly . . . everything there is to love about summer and fabric and clothes.

So, it came home with me . . . smooshed down in the bag with the ink cartridge and the 5 other things I picked up on the way out of Wal-Mart . . . because you can't ever leave with only the item you were seeking.

It makes me smile to see it on my girl.  As fresh and light and breezy as summer!