Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Superlatives - 2013

Aaaah, another Christmas has come and gone.  Christmas always leaves in its wake some good memories, new experiences, failed experiments, and special joys.

Here are my Christmas awards.

Best Christmas Creativity:

Love this last-minute brainstorm.  I punched stars out of reversible paper (iridescent/gold) and then stitched them together into a fun and sparkly "bunting."  They got wound around the small tree by the front door.  Yeah, the one usually thickly covered with Hallmark children's ornaments.  This year it was my tree, and I wanted it simple.  Star bunting, lights, done.

Most Shocking Christmas Visitor:

Yes, indeed, one of Santa's elves, straight from the North Pole.  Who knew they grew them so big?  Cousin Aaron delighted all the kids . . . ages 2 to 62!!

Best New Addition to the Family:

Oh my word . . . what can I say about these two precious kids??!!  New cousins, grafted by God from their family of origin into our family.  Welcome, boys!

Favorite Incorporation of Vintage:

I love these tiny, old bottles, that in their past life held everything from rat poison to hair tonic.  I love them even more with tiny white lights, evergreen branches, pine cones, and tiny, glittery glass ornaments sitting atop them.

Biggest Christmas Fail:

If you're going to make monkey bread, stick with the canned rolls, close your eyes to the ingredients on the label, ignore the stomach aches that your gluten-free family members will complain of.  Whatever you do, don't even bother trying to make a gluten-free alternative.  Monkey bread?  Gluten-full or not at all!

Best Christmas Game:

Oh my goodness, we had fun with Scattergories, all of us playing together, Oldest Son's friend included as a part of our dysfunctional, game-playing family.  Too many arguments, too much debate and defense, too much posturing and placating, too much fun!!

Favorite new ornaments:

Mmmm, love these.  I've figured out that when it comes to Christmas decorations, I love a blend of natural and glittery.  What could be better than these shimmering pine cones?

Cutest New Christmas Decor:

Love this precious new Mary, Joseph, and baby that Youngest Daughter made in Kidstuff.  Sweet, simple, natural, homemade.  Definite Christmas keeper.

Best Christmas Gift:

Hands down, having all family members together, opening their stockings in their jammies, laughing over the traditional Christmas red boxers and I-tunes gift cards, hearing the Christmas story, choking down a few bites of gluten-free monkey bread, enjoying the family God has blessed us to be, flaws and all.  Best gift ever.