Thursday, October 28, 2010


We're "free" at our house . . . gluten-free that is, to adjust to the digestive systems of 3 family members whose bodies can't remember where they put all the enzymes they need when it comes time to digest the wheat.  And so we accommodate those quirky digestive systems.  And for a while that meant no cookies, no cupcakes, no bread, no pizza until we could find some substitutes.

And for Youngest Daughter, that would have meant no Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting for her birthday . . . except for the fact that this delightful book was given to me!

Silvana has her own special flour blend, which had me purchasing, for the first time, rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, and xanthum gum.  She's got a great blend going here, and it works!

Young hands sifted the flours, stirred in the puree, piped the strawberry buttercream frosting and topped the creamy mountain with a specially-picked-out fruit snack.  The Olders Kids said there was too much frosting.  Are you kidding me?  Too much creamy, butter-based, powdered sugar-fluffed, fresh strawberry-infused frosting?  No way.  These were great.  Flour was not missed.  We're happy to be free.


  1. Shelley! I am amazed at the number of people who keep popping up as gluten intolerant. Although I'm not surprised as I read an article years ago, of all places, in the Wall Street Journal on the subject. Guesstimates were that there are probably at least 10 million more Americans who have it, and don't know it! European doctors are light years ahead of America when it comes to this subject. Tends to be more prevelant in people of European descent. I am also allergic to wheat/gluten & have been eating a gluten free diet for years now. Will have to check out that cookbook & the flour mixture. I bet you've become an expert at reading labels! Those cupcakes look sooooo delicious. Great pics! Xo, Sue

  2. Shelley, I try to do gluten free as much as possible too. Although my family doesn't seem to share my problem, I've been able, especially over the last few years to tell a huge difference in my overall, physical and emotional health when I got out glutens and starches. I don't often stick to a gluten free diet religiously, as sometimes those cravings get the best of me, but I can always tell a difference in how I feel. Good for you for trying an entire different kind of cooking. The cupcakes are beautiful!