Monday, May 16, 2011

Why We Blog (and Winner!)

It was so fun to read everyone's responses to what draws you to blogging.

Not surprisingly, lots of us find that friendships, relationships, connections with other bloggers, and conversation are big reasons to read and write in Blogland.

Like Lisa said, "I first started reading blogs because I didn't have anyone IRL that shared my not-so-mainstream interests."
 We also love creating and then sharing our creations:

We enter Blogland for eye candy ::sigh:: :

or Inspiration:

Gerry uses blogging to track progress on her projects and to keep family up to date on what she's up to:

It was so much fun to read your responses.  And find out we're pretty much all the same . . . women reaching out to women across Blogland.

So . . . I popped your names into my beautiful swirly bowl:

And the giveaway winner is:

Congratulations, Tracey!  Send me your address (my e-mail address is in the side bar) and your package is ready to come to you!

Thanks everyone for another wonderful, fun year of blogging!


  1. Thank you Shelley. I sent you an email...two actually since I seem to be having a Monday!

  2. Congrats, Tracey! ! !

    Shelley, thanks for the link to my blog.


  3. Congratulations to Tracey! I love your swirly bowl, Shelley. And thank you for sharing all the lovely links =D

  4. What a lovely post and such great images...congratulations to Tracey! Happy weekend my sweet friend. xox