Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gardening Creativity

Hydrangeas always catch my attention!!

But on my morning walkabout, there was something a little different that caught my eye . . . a splash of pink right in the middle of the beautiful blues.

What??  Eye-catching!  Sweet!  Unique!  Definitely worth closer inspection.

Closer inspection reveals a clear glass bottle, copper-wired to a branch.

Branch shoved into the ground.

Glass bottle filled with pink alstroemeria.  Lovely against the blue and green background.

Is there no end to my neighbors' gardening creativity?  

Shabby chic . . . flea market style . . . in the garden.  


  1. Oh how fabulous, beating nature into submission.

  2. Those blues are so..vibrant! Wow!
    Thank you for bringing a smile to my lips and to my heart- you encourage me!

  3. What a sweet idea...I so love all the blues as well...I am planning to plant a row of these in my new home.

    Hugs. oxxo Happy week to you.

  4. The element of surprise! I have never heard of that flower, but it's pretty :)