Monday, August 6, 2012

Perfect Storm

It's a perfect storm that's been brewing all summer. 

I should have thought when in the early '90s I had my first 2 children 20 months apart and my next 2 18 months apart, that not only would the early years of multiple diapers, car seats and sippy cups be difficult (multiple baby challenges condensed) but the transfer to adulthood would be difficult as well (multiple growing up challenges condensed).  Oh my heart.

It all started when this one decided to leave the warmth of home and go live in the dorms at college, chose a roommate and started her first job.  Wobbling in heart began.  Slight emotional instability.

This was followed up by Child #2, who traveled all summer on basketball teams, lived at the gym, made new friends, and will soon turn 18 and enter his senior year in high school.  Increased heart palpitations.  Feeling a little panicked around the edges.

And then, Child #3 (who in this picture looks like a bad kid but is really a good kid) got his driver's license and essentially drove away from home for the summer.  I mean he's always been gone a lot in the summer, but the wheels let him go a little further . . . without me taking him.  Enter full-on anguish.  And by yesterday the full throes of tears and morbid moping about.

Dratted kids!!  You love 'em so much, they about rip a giant hole out your heart as they start to leave.  I thought Bill Cosby said this was going to be easy!


  1. Oh boy do I know the feeling...mine are all at that age too and my middle one has the travel bug again and is off to Amsterdam until Christmas...sigh.xox

  2. Oh, wow.......that seems so far away for me at times.........but I can just imagine. I surely do not and then do look forward to those days.

  3. Oh boy, I do know the feeling. My baby started his senior year this morning. I'm still trying to figure out how he grew up so fast. Much love and hugs to you, Mama.