Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I love the idea of picking a word for the year.

I do not in any way think that it has any magical quality about it, and I would be quite unsurprised should I pick the word "feast" one year and find myself put on a green bean and water diet.

But I love the idea . . . the focus.  The urgent heart cry of where I want to be.

Sunday I had big things to contemplate

As I sat snuggled in my pew between Youngest Daughter and Youngest Son and soaked up the last remnants of the book of Ruth.

And the final refrain that would not go away

Was that my satisfaction is found not in shooing all troubles away

Not in figuring out all mysteries

Not in locking in to a way of thinking that will keep my mind always at rest.

But rather that my satisfaction and peace is to be found as I focus on glorifying Him.

The reason I was created.

It seems very backwards.

I want to glorify me.

I want to make sure I'm taken care of and get the love and attention I'm sure I need.

"Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all will be added."

It was a change of focus.

And it gave me my word for this year.


I want to learn what that is this year.

What does it look like in my life to glorify Him . . . for me . . . for now?

It's a word to give focus to my days for 2013.



  1. Oh my goodness...Love this word and your message.
    My hope is to continue to find PEACE daily ...as my devotion says today...Refresh yourself in the Peace
    of My Presence! A good way to do this is to Glorify HIM!
    Sending you oodles of blessing for your New Year...xox

  2. So much power in this post! :-D Thank you for sharing it with us, Shelley! Even the photos made me stop and think.
    Wishing you a wonder-filled 2013,
    Layla :-)

  3. Glorify - what we were created to do. I love it! No matter what our "word" is for the year I do believe there is room to add yours as well.

  4. I love Glorify!
    I am from Charleston, SC but now live in Wilmington, NC - very similar and I'm loving it!
    I wish you the very best for 2013.