Friday, February 8, 2013

Life vs. Knitting

My hands have been itching to do some knitting ever since the weather cooled and sitting in an embracing leather chair by the fire was what I wanted to do.  I envisioned socks.  I dreamed of a baby blanket for a sweet friend's expected child.  I pondered a chunky gray cowl.

And then reality hit.

When you've got stacks and stacks of sports paperwork, can you splurge on learning to knit socks?

When your Child #1 needs help with his essay and Child #2 needs to review for his Spanish test and Child #3 needs to make a wind sock out of a hanger, trash bag and tape, when will there be time for a chunky cowl?

And when the dishes stacking up in the kitchen are threatening the health of the household, can you possibly indulge in knitting the cutest baby blanket ever?

And so, the daily, critical "to do's" of life squeeze out creative dreams, until finally a crisis hits,

I'm running out of dish cloths!!

I love my hand-knit dish cloths.  I need my hand-knit dish cloths.  Once you have used hand-knit dish cloths, nothing else seems to fit so well into your hand and do quite the same job of wiping down the counters.

My current trio of hand-knit dish cloths is trying to make a quiet exit---fraying edges, holes, and dumpy gray-ish color changes are rendering them ineffective and depressing.

Time for some fresh yarn and new patterns.

Enter Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton Yarn in the winter-busting color of "Poppy," in one of the 3 patterns below.

Somebody, fill the dishwasher.  Athletes, postpone your soccer season.  Kids, Google your homework help.  

There's a crisis, and I'm knitting dish cloths!


  1. Ha, I love this post. I feel the same way oh so often. And those dish cloths are adorable! I may have to knit some myself. Cheers!

  2. I think this is a dutch thing! All my dutch friends have these knitted ones and I agree they are the BEST...hope you get to more knitting soon. xoxo