Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Sweet Easter

This year as "Easter Eve" rolled around I kept the egg dyeing all to myself. I had seen a lovely idea on Southern Living's web site, and I wanted the egg dyeing process to be all mine.

Thankfully, none of the children minded.

The blue eggs were just dyed with food coloring, and the tan eggs were dyed in a strong tea mixture. The eggs were then splattered with dark brown acrylic paint by dipping an old toothbrush in the paint and running my thumb across the bristles.

Then with the finished eggs nestled down in a little Spanish moss "nest" and a name tag tucked in, they were perfect "place cards."

I did not hard boil the eggs. I do not like egg salad. I do not like hard boiled eggs. I left them raw.
Now this did present a challenge, in that there was a little bit of question as to what to do with one's raw-placecard-egg once the meal had begun.

Oldest Son took this in hand. He stood up to announce to the table-ful that the eggs were not hard-boiled and that everyone should be careful. He picked up the two corners of the napkin on which his "nest" was laying to demonstrate how the raw egg could be lifted in its sling and placed to the side.

I was in the kitchen when I heard the crack, the splat and the resulting gasp from the table as the egg slipped neatly from its sling onto the wood floor and oriental rug. Ah, yes, everyone should be careful . . . very, very careful.

On a brighter note, the day also included an Easter egg hunt. Here, Youngest Son contemplates a clue leading to a surprise.

And it's always fun to see all the grandkids together clustered around My Mom and My Dad. I just love 'em all!!

Sweet, sweet Easter Day.


  1. Wonderful eggs! Love the idea...only boiled ;)
    Your family looks so sweet. I miss my daddy...hang on to yours!

  2. Hi! I didn't think anyone would be stopping by my site since I wasn't writing a regular post lately, so THANK YOU!!
    2 things- no- 3 things!
    1- I did the eggs myself also, and enjoyed the solitude. Mine were hardboiled and dyed the easiest way-(hahaha) with the egg dye kit. I would not have wanted to offer uncooked eggs to my family to handle, paint and spatter because the paint and eggs would have been EVERYWHERE!
    Your eggs did look pretty.
    2. I think we have the same oriental rug in the dining room. The border is too similar to not be the same.
    3. The family shot is priceless. Beautiful!

  3. Oh! That made me miss your folks. I loved getting to see you and I love those eggs! You fabulous domestic diva, you! I could SO take lessons from you...if I had time.

  4. Adoreable Eggs Deary! & love the pic with the grandkids!! Happy Day to ya!

  5. What a darling idea with the eggs! Must remember that for future use. You always put a smile on my face with your inclusions of the "oops" or shall we call it normal life when children are present?! Sweet photo of all the grandbabies gathered around grandparents.

  6. Your sweet picture gave me teary eyes! What a vision of love:) I see that you pour a lot of love into your family, Sweet One! The eggs are dandy~ uh, even the broken one! Ha! XO

  7. Loved the priceless pics of the family. We saw them first on K's Facebook, and commented to her. Yep, the yolk too (good to get an "eggs"planation of that one). Suggestion: oldest son should not handle fine china.
    We had a fun day with family here on Easter, glad you had a great family time there. Love to all.