Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving in the Mountains

Yes, yes, I know that Thanksgiving is a week past and that Christmas is in the air, out of the attic, up on the mantle, through the airwaves.  But I must have one tiny mull over a sweet, sweet Thanksgiving. We were at my brothers . . . out of the town, up in the quasi-mountains, overlooking a town, in an artist's and nature-lover's paradise.  I am not an artist.  I do love nature.  My brother and his family are artists . . . creators . . . imaginers.  Going to his house, experiencing nature, feeling the artsy vibe, getting out of the scramble of the city, feels like vacation . . . like soul rejuvenation.

They have little artsy stacks of beautiful stones stacked by the doorstep.  And they fit.  

And this birdhouse has probably been welcoming birds for 50 years.

We ate lovely, earthy foods out of heavy bowls and wooden serving pieces.

These homes, overlooking Hendersonville, NC were built in the 30's as summer homes . . .

. . . mountain homes, where you could go to escape the swelter of the city.

They are charming.

I seriously want one.  My little escape. . . out of the town, up in the quasi-mountains, overlooking a town, in an artist's and nature-lover's paradise.

 Thanksgiving dinner was yummy.  Family felt warm and connected.  I really enjoyed . . .

  . . . our Thanksgiving in the mountains.


  1. the post. How on earth could you ever go home?:) On the other hand, sometimes how on earth can we ever leave it? Merry Christmas to you and your home Shelly!

  2. love, love Hendersonville...we camp in the that area...what beautiful food and amazing setting!

  3. Beautiful...that blue house reminds me of mine, which we built and left 20years later, after having my 3 babies in it....oh melancholy...
    Memories we (i) need to hold close.
    Yours' looks beautiful x

  4. ...what a beautiful setting...gorgeous, nostaltic photos {you've got a great eye for composing pics!}

    ...that salad with the cheese crumbles...oh yum!

  5. This sure looks like a picture perfect Thanksgiving to me! (But I beg to ARE an artist! And a talented one at that!)

  6. What a gorgeous post - everything is so classy . . . the table setting and all the utensils, the mountain houses! lovely.