Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dear Bloggers  ~ ~  I have just come off of 4 days immersed in paperwork---schedules, forms, lists, deposits, orders, documents--all the trappings of basketball tournaments and registration for the beginnings of soccer season for the teams I administrate.

And I would just like to say
"Thank you!"

Thank you for keeping me sane, for reminding me life is more than paperwork, for letting me remember that I have a soul, for keeping me in touch with my senses, for offering me beauty.

After a week of too many fill-in-the-blank lines, stark black print on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, and administrative e-mails, I pulled up some of my favorite blogs.

Ah . . . beauty, life, soul!

Koralee made me smile with her Valentine's charm:

Lucy warmed my heart with color and hand-crafted deliciousness:

Anna reminded me that food lovingly made from scratch is a gift:

Anna @ Pleasantview Schoolhouse

Lacey offered up a houseful of kids to make me laugh and cry:

Rie encouraged me to make beauty and order a part of my home:

And the quirky and delightful Tif helped me to not take myself quite so seriously:

Ah, head cleared, smile brightened, shoulders straightened, soul uplifted, by these several favorites and so many more!!  Dear bloggers, thank you for every piece of yourself you pour into the blogs that express your uniqueness and creativity so beautifully!!  

You are truly a refreshment to the heart and soul!


  1. Love this recap of your favorite blog highlights! Hope you are catching your breath after all your busyness....and the you get to enjoy some quiet moments :)

  2. Oh, Shelley! I love this "list" of inspiration! I am constantly amazed at all the inspiration out there and the blogs I've yet to discover...speak nothing of spending some time over in Flickr. There is a lot of beauty in this world. So glad you pulled your nose out of the paper to refresh the soul a bit!

    I think I need to send you a pack of my SUV napkins a friend once gifted to me. {Stop Unneccessary Volunteering}!!!! Xo