Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Bunny Loves You!

Sunday afternoon . . . after we're home from church . . . and lunch is finished . . . and the dishes are done.  My time to crash.  All I want is my bed, the couch, a patch of sunlight on the area rug.  Anything.  Just let me be found prone, eyes closed, letting the week drain out of me before the new one fills me up.

Unfortunately, this is exactly when the children remember that all the homework they thought was done and promised was done on Friday wasn't quite done at all.

So, as I lay in my semi-comatose state, body and brain begging for a little peace and quiet, the household (eschewing the day of rest concept!) becomes agitated and restless, cramming too much work into too little time.

"Mom, what exactly is the scientific name for a white blood cell?"

"Mom, my basketball uniform, compression shorts, 3 pairs of socks, and favorite underwear are washed, dried, folded and ready for my gym bag, right?"

"Mom, can you proof my 3-page essay on the history of highlighters?"

"Mom, I don't know how to compare a Japanese home of the early 1900s to an American home of today."

And then there's the most dreaded announcement of all . . . the project that someone forgot until Sunday afternoon.

This particular Sunday (the day before V-tine's Day), the project was announced in a quiet voice in my groggy ear,

"Mommy, I have to make 20 Valentine's for my class in the morning."

Aaaaargh!!  Of course.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  How could I have forgotten?!

Goodbye small patch of sunlight on the area rug.  Thank goodness for Family Fun magazine.

In no time at all we had some paper cut, some paint in a saucer, and little fingers were making "bunnies" out of finger prints.

The ears were large and lop-sided.  The heads a little less symmetrical than the self-conscious bunny would desire. 

But they were cute nonetheless.

And when a sweet sentiment was added to the front along with the requisite lollipop and a name signed on the inside in quivery, loopy letters . . .

The outcome was really quite sweet, indeed.

::sigh::  I'll try again for that nap next Sunday.


  1. Oh no, your Sunday afternoon nap stolen by little fingerprint bunnies! Sham on them!

  2. You described my sundays to a tee! minus the cute thumbprints :)

  3. Love Family Fun. Your bunnies are darling!!! (Hope this Sunday brings you the nap you've been waiting for...:)

  4. Your cards are soooo sweet! I know the moms are tugged in 100 directions.

    Happy new week to you my friend. xoxo