Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate - Enjoyable Blogs Giveaway

Back in February I was click-click-clicking away at the computer when Youngest Son popped his head around the corner and crowed:

"Guess what today is!!!???"

My heart sank.  Did we miss a doctor's appointment . . . a friend's birthday party . . . a report due date.  I braced myself.

"It's your two-year blogging anniversary!!!"

Oh my . . . so it was!!  But it has taken me 3 months to finally getting around to having the celebration.

And that is because winter basketball season was ending, spring soccer season was starting, and fall volleyball was scheduling.

And I was whirling.

But last night we put a pretty bow on the sports year with a big Athletic Banquet and said goodbye to sports season '10/'11.  ::sigh::

So, between making it through this year's school sports and having a bloggy anniversary, the time is naturally quite right for a giveaway.  And this time I'm making it a Favorite Blogs Giveaway with 3 items from 3 enjoyable blogs.

First up is Pioneer Woman.  Have you read her new book?  If not, here's your chance:

Pioneer Woman makes me smile and sometimes scratch my head and say, "Huh??"  But she's always real and delightfully imperfect

Secondly, I'm giving away 3 little adorable notebooks from Dottie Angel's quirky blog:

They're about 4" x 6" with ruled paper inside.  Just fun for popping in your purse or keeping lists on the kitchen counter or whatever it is you just must jot down.

And then for those of you who have never had the delight of hand-knitted dishcloths and must try them and for those of you who already love them and need more, I have 2 of the famous waffle-knit cloths from Deb at Homespun Living.

Just leave a comment and tell me what keeps drawing you back to blogging (whether reading or writing) and you'll be entered to win.

Here's to a few months with only minimal sports responsibilities and another new year of chatting away with you!


  1. Congratulations on 2 years!!! And to many more!

    Blogging is such an outlet for me~ that's what draws me back again and again.

  2. I enjoy your pictures. They are lovely. And I think I may have an obsession with little note pads for lists. For some reason I keep lots of lists. Maybe I will win! :) Congrats on your anniversary of blogging!

  3. It is the friends that draws me to blogging...I don't think I've touched a magazine in two years because I'd rather look at blogs. I love the PW too !

  4. Its a chance to have those "conversations" with other women that this season of my life does not learn from be inspired...and an excuse to sit down!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Having a connection with other women is what draws me to blogging. I
    live in the middle of no where with no close
    neighbors. Blogging makes my world a little
    less lonely.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

  6. Happy 2 year Anniversary Shelley! What a fantastic giveaway--I love it all. Dottie Angel is one of my favorites! Thank you so much for your kind words. I keep blogging because I get to connect with women like you.
    Hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day.

  7. Congrats on two years of blogging, Shelley.
    Blogging is my way for keeping track of my progress along the way and as way that friends and family can see what I'm up to.
    Hoping you'll be posting many more years.
    aren't hosting giveaways the most fun ! ! !

  8. Congrats on 2 years of such fun! Blogging inspires me to share authentically, my heart and my art and that is what I look for when I graze through blogland. I see your beautiful heart and how you take such sweet care of your family and always inspired by your artful eye and creating, Shelley! Happy Mother's Day sweet girl!

  9. Happy Anniversary, Shelley! I will attest to the fact that those waffle-knit dishcloths are the BOMB!! What a wonderful giveaway, and since I was blessed to win your last one, and not wanting to be a oinky, oinky blogger, I'll pass on my chance to win to another deserving blogger. But next time around, I'll be over the oinky-guilt and will be a full participant! ha!

    Had to smile about your words on the end of another season of sports. No place you'd rather be while they're happening, but always nice to have a break [normal family meal time, etc.].

    Happy Mother's Day to one who inspires me always...Xo, Sue

  10. Oh how I would love to enter...i have not read Ree's Book and would love to.

    Oh my there are many things that draws me back to blogging but the main one has to be the friendships. xoxoxo

    Happy Mother's day to you.

  11. Happy blog-a-versary! What draws me to blogging is reading (as evidenced by my lack of writing). I read blogs for inspiration, entertainment, commiseration, education, etc. I first started reading blogs because I didn't have anyone IRL that shared my not-so-mainstream interests. Plus there are some really awesome folks in the blogger world :-)

  12. What draws me to read blogs? A lot of things ~ the writers I can relate to, and those I can learn from, the blogs that make me laugh, and the ones that inspire me, the ones with food for thought, and the ones full of inspiration, and the ones who are just honest about everyday life.
    ~ Susie

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