Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finish Line

The scrumptious Prairie Fire Throw is done.  It was done just in time for the weather to turn a sweating 85 degrees.  Who wants to cuddle up in wool yumminess in that?  Maybe one of the kids will cuddle with it to protect themselves from the blast of the air conditioner!!

The throw turned out to be around 42" x 53".  Can someone please tell me how you can knit your head off and still not come up with a large and generous throw?

It's a little skimpy in my mind, but I knit up all the beautiful wool that I had bought and then that was it.  Done.

It sits, looking all cuddly and full of texture and softness on the couch in My Husband's office.  This is probably the only time you will see it folded.  The rest of the time it will be scrunched up on the couch or in a heap on the floor or stuffed into the corner of the recliner.  This will, undoubtedly, drive My Husband crazy!!

We like to do that around here!

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