Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Any time I fall off the map, drop in a hole, disappear from life, you can be sure one thing has happened:  sports have taken over my life!!

Currently . . .

#1 - Volleyball spring training has begun, along with fall game scheduling:

#2 - Football spring training and flag teams have begun:

#3 - Soccer has had tryouts and the spring season is underway:

#4 - Basketball just wrapped up state and national tournaments:

Okay . . . so none of our players were invited to the McDonald's All-American, but it's a fun thought!

I am slowly emerging from stacks of registration forms, background checks, receipts, and pre-season apparel orders.

For those who wonder . . . yes, the children have been taught, meals have been served, clothes have been washed.  The state of my kitchen, rec room, and bathrooms are another matter entirely.


  1. Is there ANY sport not mentioned here!
    Looks like you've all the bases covered.
    Who care is the place looks like a wreck.

  2. Happy Spring to you....enjoy my friend. xoxox