Monday, February 20, 2012

Learning Flexibility

There's something to be said about large families and flexibility.  I'm going to believe that learning flexibility in a large family is a good thing so I don't completely go over the edge in guilt over my failure to keep my good intentions.

Case in point was the Valentine's Day baking with Youngest Daughter.  Here is the timeline:

February 13th - I promise to make Valentine's sugar cookies with Youngest Daughter.  We make the dough, chill the dough, and then she trots off to bed with the promise of baking them tomorrow.

February 14th - After dinner, cookies are cut and baked.  While cookies are baking, I run to the upstairs to handle a crisis, missing the beeping of the timer.  Cookies are remembered about the time they are the color of weathered wood.  Youngest Daughter trots off to bed with the promise of trying again tomorrow.

February 15th - Youngest Daughter once again anticipates the baking of the Valentine's cookies.  The calendar now says we are one day past Valentine's day.  After dinner, Older Brother #1 remembers he needs Mom to take him to the store for an item that must be purchased before the next morning's class.  Youngest Daughter trudges off to bed with the promise of trying again tomorrow.

February 16th - Cookie baking is once again anticipated after dinner, at which time Older Brother #2 has an algebraic meltdown, swears he cannot remember one thing for the test tomorrow, and requires mom's attention for 2 hours of angst-filled studying.  Youngest Daughter rolls her eyes as she is promised that we will try again tomorrow.

February 17th - The dough is finally made for the second time and chilling in anticipation of baking.  After dinner, Mom must leave for football registration.  Youngest Daughter begins to make plans for the baking of cookies in the year 2013.

February 18th - The happy day of baking finally arrives.  The calendar now says that we are 4 days past Valentine's Day.  Youngest Daughter does not care.  The day involves a friend, gooey pink frosting, 12 different types of sprinkles and pale, creamy cookies glittered, goo-ed, and glopped within an inch of their lives.  Youngest Daughter slips off to bed knowing that some things in life are, indeed, worth waiting for.

Either that, or she is planning her first appointment with her therapist.


  1. So sweet are those youngest children. The older ones don't realize how much really does revolve around them :) The cookies look beautiful - youngest daughter did a great job!

  2. And, beauuutiful cookies they are! Big hugs for your sweet girl and her long suffering patience. :)

  3. She'll have fond memories of baking these cookies with you
    well, these memories may come many years down the road.

    You're THE MOM


  4. This sounds like my life. I'll bet those cookies were delicious :)

  5. ....all ended well and she was able to share the JOY with her friend...who cares if Valentine's day was over...anyday is the perfect day to bake heart cookies!!! Hugs

  6. What a great post!
    And so spot-on with my life! LOL