Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Good and the Bad of the Signs of Spring

I do feel quite guilty rejoicing over the signs of a coming spring!!  After all, here in the South we've had a very mild winter.  Our neighbors from Buffalo, New York scarcely can bring themselves to call it winter.  I can see them trying to keep the chuckle out of their eyes on the several days where the weather hits freezing.

But, still, when those first daffodils pop their heads up, it's all I can do to keep from squealing, jumping up and down, and ordering bathing suits.

And then there are these shoes, fresh from Target for Youngest Daughter.

If those don't just announce spring and start you packing up your wooly sweaters!

There is, of course, another side to the signs of spring.  And that would be the spring fever that gets in to teen-aged boys when the weather starts to warm and the daffodils start to bloom and the flowery shoes start to show up in Target.  It's the fever that assures them that now that it is warm, surely school is over, surely the play time of summer has begun.

Do you see the child above trying to look diligent?  Five minutes before this picture was taken, he was hurling a pen at the cork board to see if it would stick, wrestling his brother, petting the dog, gazing empty-eyed out the front window.  Not addressing the matter of the comparative and superlative forms of an adjective.

Spring Fever!

I hate to tell you, my dear, but you had better close your eyes to the daffodils, ignore the warm breezes blowing up onto the front porch, and turn a deaf ear to the chirping of the birds.  We've got all of February, March, April, and May yet to go.


  1. Well, who could blame a guy from being distracted from ????what???? . . . "the matter of the comparative and superlative forms of an adjective." ??????????

    Our weather has turned cold, very cold compared to what we've experienced so far. But it's a dry cold.


  2. Soooo cute...I think I have spring fever early too! My focus is out the window!
    Sending you oooodles of love for a blissful Valentine's day. xoxox