Monday, February 6, 2012

Cute Cupcakes!

If life was perfect . . . or maybe if I was two people instead of just one . . .

Then when birthday times came, I would make dreamy cupcakes with jaunty little buntings on top of them . . . or decorated to look like little be-whiskered bunnies . . . or elegantly piped, sparkled and jeweled within an inch of their lives.

But life is not perfect . . . and I am only one person.

So, this year when it came time for Youngest Daughter's birthday, I was so glad that a friend had given her the most adorable box of "Cute Cupcakes" decorations.

I could feel the stress of making the perfect cake un-knot itself from my shoulders, as Youngest Daughter's delight in creating her own cupcakes became our new birthday focus.

Love the vintage feel in the colors.  The swirls the polka dots, the sweet little picks.  The fun of doing it all by yourself.

They went to school the next day . . . simple white cupcakes, simple white frosting, beautiful wrappers, sweet picks.

And a happy birthday girl who had made it all by herself!

Let's hear it for simple!


  1. Those are adorable - she did great! I think we had a similar kit for Christmas this year and it was super cute. They definitely made me look like much better of a baker than I really am, so I'll take 'em :)

  2. Those cupcakes are so cute!! But, they ain't got nuthin' on that cute baby girl!