Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Chandelier

I love to add a little greenery to the "chandelier" over the dining room table. ("Chandelier" being quite the overstatement of the year!)

This year I got an inspiration from "The Nester."

You have met The Nester; haven't you? Oooh, if you haven't, you really should! Her mantra is, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."It is definitely a site to check out! She posts every day and is always refreshing and inspiring.

So, anyway, back to my inspiration. Here is what she calls her "Ragamuffin Garland." I just love all that delightful tumble of fabrics one over the other.

(Photo used with permission.)

I decided to use just a touch of this on my "chandelier."

I had some really beautiful large checked silk that was left over from my dining room curtains, so I ripped some of it up into strips 15 1/2 " x 2" (the leftovers, that is, not the curtains!).

The greenery I used on the chandelier is a little more realistic than the norm . . . with some pieces that look like pine and pinecones sprinkled here and there. So, the garland of greenery was laid on the fixture, and I started tying on my "strips." Which, after tying on looked like this.

Now, here's the treasure. A box of Shiny Brite vintage balls from my grandmother, probably from the 50's. Look at how perfectly she kept things. The box isn't even bent. It scares me that this box even came in my door!

To finish off the chandelier "decor," I hung these vintage balls from gold oranza ribbon.

I just love it!

Now, this really gives me some tingly Christmas joy when I walk in the front door!


  1. That is just beautiful!! I love the vintage ornaments. I did something similar on my 'chandelier' too, but I may have to scrounge around to add the fabric scraps....

  2. I LOVE it! I think I will have to try that next year!

  3. My chandelier needs help! Thanks for the ideas. Yours is just gorgeous!

  4. Shelley,

    This is absolutely charming!!! I stumbled in through the TOH at Nester, and will be peeking back in---I love your sense of style!


  5. I love the decor! Nice work and thanks for posting other fun sites to go to!

  6. Its just beautiful, and those hand-me-over beautiful balls form your grandmother as such a so pretty. You have inspired me yet again as i have simply been a bit busy and a bit lazy to 'deck the halls' so to speak. Each day i have promised to get some decos. out. Tomorrow...i am officially on holidays!! I love where i live although i miss the daughter (and her family) that lives in the US very much. If we were to move in our 'older' :) retired age it will be south to King Island just off Tasmania where it is much cooler and just simply beautiful and quiet yet a thriving creative community. I love the US too, to visit and i am guessing i will never get to see it all but i have thoroughly enjoyed each visit there, and yes in a very low point in my life i did consider moving there. She is moving to Portland next year, this will be my next visit. My youngest daughter is there to holiday with her sister. Hope you are having a happy creative weekend. :)

  7. How your vintage ornaments! Merry Christmas!


  8. That is SO pretty! I love how it turned out. I may have to copy this idea next year :-) Hope you're having a great weekend.