Friday, December 11, 2009

A Change of Christmas Color

When we moved in to our house 5 years ago, I was all about red and gold at Christmas time. It got its start with these velvet poinsettias that I loved. They, in turn, set the tone for all the rooms, since the house is very open.

Red and gold . . . everywhere.

Red and gold organza ribbons cascading down the tree. Red and gold balls on the tree. Red poinsettias on the wreaths. Red and gold, red and gold, red and gold.

It was beautiful. But this year I was so ready for a change.

In November I walked by a tree all decorated in . . . warm cocoa browns, golds, taupes, coppers, and little shots of an aged lime green. Oh, my. It was all over.

Yes, please, I'll take a big armful of these new colors.

I'm not sure what I was thinking because now the now the tree and wreaths must all be redone to work with the new ornaments!

No, I'm never one to leave well enough alone! But it does get me all giddy to think of new colors and new looks and new possibilities!

More pics to come of how things come together. I just love seeing how others decorate their homes for Christmas; don't you?!


  1. Change, it's good for all of us.
    However, I do believe I've heard of more change this Christmas than ever before.
    We're doing less this year and have added a small area in the dining room for PINK holiday theme. PINK? what am I thinking?
    What Fun - I Love It ! !

  2. those colours are just gorgeous...i do love to see how others decorate..i have been so overwhelmed with a very full plate...but now i can squeeze in some time to have inspired me to start dragging it out...:)