Sunday, December 6, 2009

Could Anything Be Better?

Could anything be better

Than to be only 6 years old

Sitting with your best friend

On the sun-warmed trampoline

With your babies on your laps . . .

Ariel and Lorelei.

You're all bounced out

Too tired

To bounce anymore

So you're just sitting . . . quietly

With your babies napping

The sun pouring through your hair

Next to your best friend

And it's grand being only 6 years old

And nothing could be better


  1. you bet....precious!
    As i have not visited in a while i read through your Thanksgiving post/holiday. Your man rocks, dont ever forget to take him along. :) My heart twinged when i read the caption under the pic of your big girl...treasure that.! Our children are our so precious beings, they mean more to us than they will ever know (upon parenting themselves) but our daughters are our sisters/best friends in a way. That family beach shot...priceless :)