Monday, July 5, 2010

Small Town

If the farm was Paradise, equally enchanting was the town of Westbrook, Minnesota.

Hometown of the Man of the House.

Population: 757

What do I love about this small town?

Long sidewalks under old, old trees:

Main Street - 1/4 mile long:

Community Pool to cool off in:

Gorgeous Victorian home awaiting renovation:

Not a fast food joint in sight:

Piece of farmland turned in to a 9-hole golf course:

Community barbeque dinner -
Close down the street; pull up a chair:

Its aging softened by the beauty of its surroundings:


  1. Your photos look as though they could have come from my little town. Isn't it neat, whether its a small town in Minnesota, or a small town in Georgia, they still have the same charm, personality, and people. I hope we take care of small towns and preserve the remnants of our past, and the small town way of life.

  2. Loved that pic of your girl going down the slide! HOW FUN! Looks like a quaint little town - what a nice place to spend the 4th!

    Hope you and your family are well, The Lady of the House

  3. love the last photo of the white door...yes, small towns are dreamy for sure.

  4. i live in western washington state, but grew up in rural wisconsin and your pictures are making me anxious for our trip out there this year! i can't wait to see them playing in the same places i did when i was their age...oh who am i kidding - I can't wait to play in those same places myself!
    the midwest is so quietly beautiful in the summer, and your pictures really capture it. glad you had fun!

  5. I love your pictures ! I live in a small farm town myself and love the fact it's hidden itself from the hustle of larger towns and cities. Isn't it dreamy?