Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Another Week in Paradise

My face is glowing. My heart is pitter-pattering. I'm walking about 3 inches off the ground.

I guess I should explain.

I've just gotten back from farm country. America's heartland. Paradise.

I've told you how I LOVE big, wide open spaces. Well, I had all the big, wide open spaces I could ever want.

Here are some scenes I'm holding in my heart.

Wooden swingset overlooking miles of open farmland:

Lush, green grass and sweet flowers:

3 barns full of piglets, translucently pinky-white,
slightly fuzzy. They are Wilbur.


Prairie lakes dotting the landscape:

Even more enjoyable up close!

Rich, black dirt, bright green crops rolling
into the distance
. . . not a billboard, skyscraper,
or another house to mar the view:

Arabian horses to befriend:



And maybe even ride:

Long, winding dirt roads that seem never to end.
Roads to take you home . . .
and hopefully bring you back again.

(Do I hear John Denver in the background!)


  1. The pictures say that you had a great time. I especially like the first one of the swing --something nostalgic about an old swing I think : )

  2. Wow! Your pictures are AMAZING!!!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  3. Just loved the post! ahhhhh and inspiration to make Summer get away plans:) It's getting away from us. I am curious where you went??!! I am here in somewhat of corn country myself. Our backyard has a soybean field beyond.....and I agree the wide openness is such a beautiful place for one's soul to drink in! Love to you sweet Shelley!

  4. I love your pictures! And I could just squeeze that baby piglet!

  5. Black dirt.
    I don't know if I have ever held black dirt.
    I must remedy that situation.