Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out With the Old and In With the New

Do you remember this poor, sad, offensive excuse for a trampoline?

I promised that if you would just cut me a little slack and not have me written up for child endangerment, I would soon have the proof that my children are now well protected and the neighbors are once again speaking to me.

And here she lies. May she rest in peace equivalent to the years of joy that she gave us!

However, lest a day should go by in the M Household wherein there was not an abundance of jumping, flipping, and bouncing, a new trampoline waited in the wings . . . ready to take her place.

There was the tedious buttoning on of the safety net to the mat. (Apparently very well "supervised" by Middle Son.

There was the pulling and clipping,

the tugging and yanking,

And the tandem grunting and groaning to get all the springs in place.

The bars went up; the net went up. And then . . . great joy of joys, the jumping, flipping and bouncing could once again resume!

And that made us all very, very happy!

(A big "thank you" to Youngest Son for acting as family photographer!)


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  2. FUNNY, my husband and I were just talking YESTERDAY about the day he put up our tramp.... it was a hand-me-down from a friend....he can't even remember HOW he did it! Ours has seen a better day, too....the screen guard has a rip in it and we either replace that or nix the whole affair. At 15 and 11, mine are NOT ready to part with it, though.... Great images and I could almost feel the bounces through the screen.
    xx Suzanne

  3. Shelley, My favorite part of this post? The first comment....PRECIOUS! Second favorite...Middle Son's supervisory skills! xo sue

  4. The new one does look a LOT better than the old one -- I think that I would like to play on a trampoline -- as long as no one was around watching : )Thank you so much for visiting my new blog and leaving such nice comments. We have a number of the 'I Spy' series of books that we have bought in the last few years -- they are a Christmas tradition -- we bring them out and go through them during the holidays. Blessings, Betty Anne

  5. My kiddos would love coming over to your house!!! Looks like many happy hours of jumping and flipping will be happening at your home this summer!!!

  6. Can my kids come and play???!!! Have fun with your new (and very safe) trampoline!

  7. We had a "tramp" for the majority of my life growing up... until mom caught it on fire burning weeds...

    then up in smoke it went.

    We tease her often. :)