Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Job

When your sons are 14 and 15, it's high time for them to be getting a summer lawn job.

As we fought to get the mower in the van, parceled out responsibilities, and broiled in the 95 degree sun, I began to realize what a learning opportunity a summer lawn job could be. Working together on a job can bring out:

selfishness, laziness, lack of cooperation, pride, self-righteousness, anger, frustration, stubbornness, impatience . . .

And that was just me.

The boys, on the other hand hung in there and did well with just a few attitude adjustments.

After a while, we did a little Job Suitability Assessment and the trimmer-person became the mower-person and vice-versa.

This made an astonishing change in the large swaths of grass that the mower had been "missing" and the great chunks of grass that the trimmer had been dislodging at the driveway's edge.

We each have a skill and a place where our skills are needed. And don't things go more smoothly when the two are working hand in hand.

Goodness, I was proud of them. My two teenaged boys . . . working hard. And if there were a few moments when one almost pitched the lawnmower and one wanted to trample the trimmer, well no one is going to hear it from me.

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