Thursday, June 24, 2010

With Love to My Neighbors

Can I just say that I am sooo thankful to my neighbors this year!

Because they have planted flowers!

And so as I go on my morning walks, and the sun is just tipping over the roofs of the houses, I can enjoy all colors of orange, yellow red, purple, pink, and white in the beautiful morning light.

Would you like to see what I've planted?

Mmm-hmmm . . . that's it this year. Downright pathetic.

Which is exactly why I'm so delighted that I have neighbors that love flowers and plant flowers and tend flowers.

And let me enjoy them.

Sometimes on my walk I remind myself that this exquisite garden belongs to a couple with no children at home and this lucious layout belongs to a family with a professional gardener and this showstopper has a man of the house that is as passionate about gardening as my husband is about golf.

It's good to keep it all in perspective.

And enjoy the good gifts of His creation . . . right in my neighbors' yards.


  1. Just found your blog - cute! At least you have a wonderful view next door! Lisa

  2. Yes, indeed, all of this beauty is His gift to us. He must really love us! DUH. Wish you could walk by my house cuz I'd cut you armloads to carry home and stick in vases. So you have one of those passionate golfers in your house too?! I tease all the time that if I ever need some more antique $ I'll just start selling those sticks one at a time for whatever I can get. Xo, Sue