Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Gypsy Girl Prepares for Company

Today, I am cleaning!
Family comes in two days.  And so, I am cleaning.
Dear-Sister-in-Law and her husband wouldn't want me to be cleaning. Wouldn't want me to be getting things tidied up for them.
And the truth is, I'm not doing it for her . . . well, not really. I'm doing it for me. So that I don't have to think about my messes while family is here.
You see, my husband was raised by a Swedish homemaker. By the time he was old enough to figure out what "normal" was, he had three teenage Swedish homemaker sisters.
If you're doing the math, that's 4 Swedish homemaker females, keeping house for one impressionable young boy.
So, we can hardly blame the boy for thinking that all women kept house like his Swedish family.
Unfortunately he married a dreamer/thinker that would rather be dreaming and thinking than cleaning.
A girl that has some gypsy in her and doesn't notice piles of clean towels that need to be put in the linen closet.
A girl from a family of globe-trotting vagabonds, that just can't make pushing her chair up to the table, or putting the phone back in its cradle, or squeegeeing the shower walls a priority.
::sigh:: Poor dear. It's been 20 years of adjusting. I think he's coming along splendidly.
Letting go of all expectations works every time.
So, for him and for me and for my loved in-law family . . .
Today I am cleaning!


  1. i *loved* this post...and that you are choosing to serve them in that way...hope it blesses you too!

  2. A little bit of 'home loving' is ALWAYS good for the my books, at least....enjoy x
    happy christmas x

  3. What beautiful pictures in this post and it has me so curious--where have you wandered?

  4. ha ha ha ha! bottom line: it's really not our fault. we get to blame our lineage. so freeing to read these words!