Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Crisis of Warmth

Here in the South, where winter usually drops in casually for a short few months, we have found her visit this year to be cold, C.O.L.D., cold.

This has affected the attitudes of all the children of the household most severely. They scamper down the stairs in the morning, bent double, arms tightly wrapped around themselves, shivering.

Never mind that they are in shorts, short-sleeved shirts and bare feet. Repeated admonishments of, "Put on something warm," "Get something on your feet," "Didn't I buy you a bathrobe last winter?" do not seem to be connecting with them.

And so, they shiver, and shake, and curl themselves into little balls on the couch and bewail the arrival of winter and all its trappings.

And what is a mother to do, but try and get them warm in some way.

It is, in fact, time to knit up a throw.

Timed perfectly is this throw from Purl Soho.

Knit up with huge yarn on huge needles, in simple moss stitch, it should fly together.

Oh, how I wanted to knit it of this beautiful "Pixie Dust."

It is made of wool, mohair and "pixie sparkles."  Pixie sparkles!!  Perfect for covering all the chilly toes and hugging all the shivering shoulders.  This color is called "Lemon Meringue."  Almost magical!  Some of the colors also contain silk, camel, and yak.  Oh, my . . . exotic.

"Pixie Dust" also costs $35 for a scant 35 yards.  ::ahem::  

Because I want to make this a nice and generous throw, I would need to decide between "Pixie Dust" and groceries for 2 weeks for our family of 7.

I will not be knitting with "Pixie Dust."  ::sniff::

Instead, I will be knitting with the much more prosaic but hopefully just as soft and warm "Burly Spun" by Brown Sheep in . . . red.

It's looking like the crisis may soon be averted.


  1. Beautyful! I hope you get finished before those scorchy days set in. Last summer I think my insides got done!
    I LOVE the purple duct tape snow shoes...oh what my boy hasn't made out of dt. And the lunch...tell your boys they can fix my lunch anyday :)

  2. Love that yarn! The funny thing is, my kids are so used to it being freezing that when it's 20 degrees out I am yelling at them to zipper their coats and they tell me they are too hot.

  3. I love the red, it will make a great throw. As for the pixie sparkles, what could be made with one ball...?

    C x

  4. Oh much more prosaic but probably warmer and definitely cozier!

  5. Oh I love your red! It will be lovely!

    Why are children so silly everywhere you go...mine up in here in Canada...are always complaining of being cold too....yet again they do not put anything on!!!

    Thanks for you great comments today. xoxox

  6. Hi Shelley,
    Well, I have to say, I saw the beautiful yarn in person, while there in the store. It is quite something and when I saw the throw on Purl Soho's blog, I wanted to make a throw so badly.
    But that will not be happening anytime soon. You saw the yarn I did find? Same price and it made a small piece roughly 18"x8". I think it will be a bottom half of a pillow. lol It didn't go far but I sure do love it.
    I have been enjoying your blog--I think your photos are beautiful. looking forward to my next visit