Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just This Once!

Let me admit to something right up front.

I am a pushover mom.

No, no, no,  not a pushover for anything immoral or illegal . . . but I am a pushover for:

a) Anything that sounds adventurous.

b) Anything I wish I could do but would be too scared to do.

c) Anything I wish I could do but would look ridiculous doing.

d) Anything that slightly breaks the rules of perfectly perfect decorum.

e) Anything I can say, "Okay, just this once" to and then hope no one finds out about.

So, this is why when Middle son got his new BMX bike . . .

. . . I allowed him to ride through the house . . .

. . . out the front door . . .

and down the front steps . . .

 . . . just this once!


  1. OH THAT IS so AWESOME!! Amazingly AWESOME. And he will never forget that!!!

  2. Weehoo!
    You ROCK!
    ...and I bet he loved every minute of it.

  3. Love it! :) I bet he is glad you are a pushover!

  4. I love this too.
    So funny to me - and definitely ranking you up there as super cool mom.

    I love the new look of your blog.
    I have been reading your posts in my e-mail for so long now that I have not clicked over in a while - love it.