Monday, January 31, 2011

Knitting Flat-ness

At this stage in my life, everything I knit is flat. 

Flat, flat, flat.  No shaping.  No sewing seams together.  No knitting on 4 needles.  Nope.  Flat. 

Flat can be taken in the car.

Flat can be worked on next to the computer as Youngest Son slogs through his composition.

Flat can be knitted on while finding out who is going to be "The Next Great Baker" with my kids.

I'm sure a 3-D project could also be taken any of these places.  But it scares me.

I did crochet a 3-D project once.  I am still recovering.

2-D seems considerably more safe at this stage of life.  And right now, when it comes to knitting, safe is good.

Here is my latest flat project:

I did roll it up so I would feel a little less self-conscious about my knitting's flat-ness.

I got the pattern for this sweet little dish cloth here.

Love the way that the stitching gives a little basketweave look.  Easy peasy.  Just garter and stockinette stitch.  Very, very safe.

To up the cute-ness factor, Deb adds a little sweet single crocheted edge.  Love the extra special touch it gives.

I must say, now that it's done, I think I could have done a little better on my color choices.  Red is always a favorite, but when I added that creamy white edge, I did get a little of the feeling I had knitted a dish cloth for Mrs. Claus.  I guess I could put it out with the cookies and milk next Christmas Eve.  Don't suppose Mrs. C. gets much brought back to her for all she loans her husband out to the entire world for a complete 24-hour period.

Oh, well, it's useful, it's pretty, it's satisfyingly made with my own hands.  All in all, a very satisfactory dish cloth, indeed.


  1. ohhh...but flat is beautiful.
    Flat is useful.
    Flat is colorful.
    Nothing better than something practical and pretty.

  2. VALENTINE'S DAY! It's perfect for that :) I like flat too...scarves and dishcloths and baby blankets, oh yes!

  3. Knitting flatness is AWESOME! Knitting that can be done while doing something else is just wonderful (and so is Mrs. C's new dish cloth!).

  4. This looks nothng like "simple" or "safe" to me Missy!! I am way impressed with this project and the colors........our hometown College colors......very popular around here!! Go IU! Mrs Claus would be so very proud of you;) XO!

  5. I think flat is are many steps ahead of me my friend...i can't even your project. xoxo

  6. you are very modest, indeed! This doesn't look very flat to me, either!
    Your last post is beautiful. I loved the photos and words...
    thanks for coming over to visit me, and for commenting.
    It is good to be back.

  7. Dear Flat-Knitter, Me thinks your wonderful creation should stay in the South as opposed to being sent to the North Pole! After all, Mrs. Claus can probably get whatever she wants from Santa....ha ha! Love the yummy texture on this...and red is a happy color. One needs a little happy when they attend to the kitchen chores. Great photos, too, Shelley! xo