Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Imperfections Just Can't Be Lived With

Remember this cute grocery bag?


I've been working away on it for far too long and finally finished it up this weekend when the snow brought us the delicious, quiet, can't-get-out-the-driveway days.

As soon as I had finished off the last stitch, I immediately stuck in a large bunch of bananas and imagined myself walking the aisles of the grocery store, pondering my purchases.

It was a lovely mental image. A problem, however, immediately became evident. Because of the stretchy nature of this bag, the bananas immediately sunk almost to the ground in their new springy green hammock.

Having a hard time picturing this? Here let me show you.

And this stretch is just with one apple, one orange and several bananas.

Just saying . . . if you have to hold your market bag up around shoulder level to keep your produce from dragging along the floor as you maneuver the aisles of Earth Fare, there may be something amiss with the design of your market bag.

Let's look at that original picture one more time.

Aha! Exactly as I thought! They don't show the bag tossed over a shoppers arm, hard at work bringing home her food for her family. No, the bag is resting on a bench . . . clearly hiding the stretch that would make this design unworkable.


But, no, I'm not bitter.

The great thing about crochet is that you can unravel it in a mere fraction of the time it takes to put it together and immediately set about to planning something different to make of this soft . . . organic . . . celery green . . . cotton.


Green spaghetti, anyone???


  1. hahaha. awwww. that's too bad. it was so cute too. love the picture of you dangling it though. :)

  2. oh shelly! thats so funny! poor you! you do make me giggle though! id be a teeny tiny bit bitter! fliss xx

  3. Oh, Shelley, how sad after all that work!
    Let us know what you decide to make with
    that beautiful yarn - maybe something for me?

  4. ahhhhh, ohhhhh, . . . . . .
    this is awful
    though it is toooo funny
    perhaps a note to the designer of this Great bag is in order.
    Now then, what is the name of your blog ???

    Huge Hugs to the gal with all the curly yarn,
    Gerry [wiping the tears of laughter from my cheeks]

  5. oh!!!! darn....better laugh though...:)x

  6. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of your bag -- maybe you did all that work just to have a story to tell and make us all laugh on this cold February day : )
    And thanks for the spaghetti offer, but I prefer to eat mine before it turns green -- he he.

  7. That's hilarious! Although I sense just a teeny bit of frustration on your part;) Wow, that sure stretched out a lot! I have some string shopping bags, but they don't stretch at all. Must be made from a different kind of string - cotton I think.