Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspired by Spring

It just wasn't fair.

Over the weekend we had heavy grey cold skies; thick, bone-chilling air; and 4 inches of snow. And the lot of you were e-mailing me everything you were looking forward to for spring. Oh, my goodness! It just about drove me to distraction. The wonderful, fresh pictures you painted of just exactly you were dreaming of, anticipating in the coming of spring.

So, turn about is fair play. I was totally inspired to show you what everyone was looking forward to! This will probably prove a little too painful for those of you in Minnesota . . . or Nebraska (sorry Lori and DoJo) who have about 2 1/2 months of winter yet!

Rebecca is looking forward to warm sun, cool, wet dirt, and the smell of upturned earth in her garden. Mmmmmm!:


Gena escapes to the beach in April!!

Sherry wants those Florida breezes blowing through the house. And Laura wants open windows and fresh air. (Does this look like your front porch??)


Missy is waiting for the campus of Furman to burst with blooms:

For Lori, spring is blooming trees:

Lacey doesn't want to have to constantly bundle up the kids:

And Gerry is sick of bundling up herself. Is this more how you picture yourself in the spring, Gerry : ) ??


MCA can't wait to get to the Cincinnati Zoo.


Serena wants to be out hiking (only I don't think she has a husband and 2 kids . . . don't mean to freak you out there, Serena!):


DoJo just wants the snow to finally melt:


And Jan is ready to see daffodils:

This is a cute one. From Missouri, Anna Marie just doesn't want to have to warm her side of the bed up with an electric mattress pad! How's this as a bed for spring, Anna Marie?


Paggre has a unique spring wish. She's waiting for the fragrance of grapefruit blossoms. Now I've never smelled a grapefruit blossom, as far as I can remember, but doesn't that sound just heavenly? Lucky Floridian.


And finally, since there has to be at least one in a crowd walking to the beat of a different drummer, there's Debra down in Australia. And you know what she's looking forward to in that Land Down Under, down in the southern hemisphere? She can't wait for autumn leaves!

And now may we all cheerfully return to our grey skies, bare trees, and icicles and wait patiently for spring. ::sigh!::

And hopefully, while we're waiting, we'll even find a haunting beauty in the stark chill of winter.


  1. You must have had fun finding all those pictures and matching them up with everyone's comments -- very creative : ) According to a sign I saw yesterday there are only 32 days left until it is officially spring -- I hope the weather is reading that sign too.

  2. Oh girl, thank you for these pictures! It helps!!! Cannot wait to see those blooming trees for REAL! :)

  3. Shelley, what an imagination you have ! ! !
    Loved every bit of it.
    Each on a gem.
    And, yep, that's exactly me this Spring.
    Well, maybe not exactly - ;*) my dress would be pink ;*)
    I truly enjoyed your Giveaway.
    The anticipation - it was the greatest ! ! !

    Now we can anticipate the coming of SPRING.


  4. These pics will keep me dreaming of spring days. I want to wake up looking like 'Gerry 'in her field in 'Anna Marie's ' bed.I'm lucky, here in SC winter doesn't last too much longer.

  5. Cute! Nope, no husband and kids...yet! ;) The weather has been gorgeous the past few days in the Bay. I think we'll have a few more winter "storms" and then hiking it will be!

  6. Hi Shelley,
    You did an awesome job of putting pictures with our comments. I really like the pretty bedroom you chose for me. And, yes, we are expecting more snow this weekend.
    Anna Marie in Mid-Missouri

  7. mmmmmm- I can ALMOST smell the sweetness in the air- but then I look outside and see inches of snow on the rooftops of my neighbors home, and a yard that hasn't seen the light of day in weeks. I know that those little shoots MUST be popping up under there- right?
    Lovely post-
    and thanks for your comments-

  8. Oh my gosh, I really do have a bad case of spring fever now. What a lovely post, to read what everyone is looking forward to as spring arrives.