Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday (and another Favorite Things Giveaway)!!

"Happy Birthday to You!"

"Happy Birthday to You!"

"Happy Birthday, Dear Little Blog!"

"Happy Birthday to You!"

Yes, one year ago today I pushed "Publish Post" for the first time with great trepidation. And 170 posts and one year later, I'd have to say it's been an equally wonderful ride!

So, to celebrate, let's have a giveaway. I'll call this a Favorite Things giveaway because there's nothing more fun than sharing your favorites with your friends.

Here's what you'll find in your package should you win the Giveaway:

A 24-bag sampler of The Republic of Tea's wonderful teas.
It has 17 different flavors in it . . .
including my all-time favorite, Ginger Peach.


Luscious Herb Garden soaps made right here in town.
All natural, nothing chemical-ish at all!
I picked up Kiwi Kicker, Lemon Sugar,
and White Tea Ginger for you!


The Egg and I
by Betty McDonald.
A hilarious book first published in 1945
about the reluctant wife of a chicken farmer.
Sweet, funny, and heart-warming.


No, I didn't knit these myself. They're from
the Firefly Farm shop. Deb blogs at
These are the absolute best knit dishcloths
on the planet! I'll send you 2!
(no, vintage sugar canister not included!!)


A sweet little quail egg nest.
No, it's not real. It's from a favorite
gift shop in town, Satter's Creek.


The way I see it, this is the perfect package to get one of you sweet things through the last of the winter: hot tea to warm you up on a grey, drizzly day; delicious, sudsy soap for a long bath; a book to curl up with under a blanket; a bold shot of color to wake up your kitchen some morning when you wish you could see anything but grey out the window; and a little nest to remind you that spring truly will come . . . and soon!

Just leave a comment and tell me what you're most looking forward to about spring and I'll enter you! Winners announced on Monday, the 15th!!

And thank you to all of you for such a fun first year!


  1. What fun! And, what a great giveaway! Lets see, what am I most looking forward to for Spring...warm sun, cool wet dirt, the smell of the turned up earth as I ready my garden, bright yellow jonquils popping up, that first warm day that I can sit outside barefoot. Hurry spring!

  2. OHHH i was just saying i am so looking forward to spring, so i can open my doors and let the cool Florida breeze blow thru the house, sit outside and crochet while the breeze blows thru my stitches. :)

  3. What a wonderful giveaway!

    I am looking forward to the flowers at Furman. My husband keeps me up to speed on when they're peaking, and makes sure my camera and me get there!

  4. Congratulations to a YEAR of a wonderful blog! What lovely favorite things!

    I am looking forward to seeing not snow, but GREEN grass, flowers and blossoming trees...not having to piles coats and hats and gloves on all of us...and getting aggravated at the birds for waking me up in the morning.

  5. Congratulations on your "birthday"!!! Selfishly speaking, I hope you'll celebrate many more. I've so enjoyed all your posts, your writing style, your great sense of humor, and your gift of storytelling. Blog on!

  6. Wow! A year! I figured you had been blogging for longer than that. It is such a fun blog. Anyhow, Happy Birthday to your blog! Okay, i will play for a give away! Let's see, I am looking forward to the aroma of grapefruit blossoms on my grapefruit trees in my backyard and the sounds of my children splashing in their little pools, because in Florida Spring means "SUMMER"!!!!

  7. Shelley, first off, let me say - I am so happy to have found your blog!
    Spring - the thing I am most looking forward to is NOT HAVING TO BUNDLE UP TO LEAVE THE HOUSE ! ! !
    I am so tired of putting on the sweater, jacket, scarf, gloves and sometimes hat. I am beginning to hate bundling-up. I WANT TO BE FREE ! ! !
    . . . . Did I happen to mention I love Republic of Tea ?
    I can not believe this wonderful basket of luxurious, extravagant, lavish, splendid gifts.
    No matter who wins this, it is a unbelievable gift.
    You are one Lovely person, Shelly.

  8. What a nice give away. Some hot tea would be nice on these cold winter days.

  9. Shelley, as i am on the other side of the planet i am looking forward to and welcoming Autumn. The wonderful seasonal change we DO experience here in the Mountains. The beautiful colours of course and the lovely crisp clear skies, new bulbs bursting into bloom and the ever welcoming lower temperatures...always the fave. However, even though it is Autumn soon we are also preparing for late winter/ early spring arrivals in the garden. So Spring is definitely in the scheme of things. Each season has its own beauty and i am grateful for living in this part of Australia where we do get to experience them all. A very generous giveaway...good luck to the girls..sweet day :)

  10. Happy Birthday!
    What a generous gift.

  11. Hello there from California!

    I am still reading your blog; I love the pictures, the uplifting spirit, and the joy you find in even the smallest things in life!

    Things I look forward to about spring... Less wind and rain! If you remember the Bay Area, winter has been...wet. :) Spring means running outside again, and hiking, and trips into San Francisco and all that good outside stuff that I have avoided the past couple of months.

    Keep up the great work on your blog; I'll be sure to let you know once I get mine back up and running!

  12. What a wonderfull giveaway. I am looking forward to the crocuses and daffadils that fill the woods by my house in the spring. I am also looking forward to it being light longer so I can sit outside to do my needlework and knitting.I will miss the Blue Heron who feeds in our creek during his winter stay though.

  13. Open windows and fresh air :-)

  14. What an awesome first year of blogging for you! It's great stuff, I tell ya! I am signing up to win your giveaway....what a treat it would be :)

  15. Maybe since we are the 15th comment and the giveaway ends on the 15th that is our lucky number. Can't believe it has only been one year, it seems like a lifetime of enjoying a good belly laugh often, or tears, and seeing through your camera the beautiful details up close (you have a good eye for "seeing things" some never see, though its right in front of them). So Happy First Birthday, you are a beautiful baby, growing to be a blessing to all who visit you. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us.
    Spring - Midwest snow melting into rivers, and flowing down to southern destinations. New life coming forth with Gods glorious touch of beauty, so that we know what an awsome designer and sustainer He is, and how much He loves us, who stop to enjoy His treasures.
    Where are those cute little shops you have been frequenting? Like to look them up sometime.
    Keep writing, and we'll appreciate the time you invest in your blogging.

  16. Hi Shelley,
    I very much am enjoying your blog. This is all rather new for me. I admire your dedication to have posted 170 times in the year.
    What am I most looking forward to about spring? Not having to remember to warm my side of our bed with the electric mattress pad.
    However, our current snow is beautiful because the highways are clear.
    From the middle of Missouri,
    Anna Marie

  17. Congratulations! I am coming up on my 1 year blogging birthday in a few weeks. I enjoy your "living with imperfection" as I have to do the same myself.
    My son received a Cincinnati Zoo pass for his January birthday and asks me just about everyday when we are going. I would say that is one of the biggest things we're looking forward to this spring. I also love the blooming apple blossom tree outside my bedroom window. And I can't wait to buckle my kids up in their car seats without bulky coats! (Oh, and my daughter turns 2 on the first day of spring). Happy Spring (soon enough)!!

  18. Happy First Bloggy Birthday! I have one of those in a couple of days - my third I think? I have to go back and look.

    Your gifts are lovely. And my favorite things about the return of Spring? Going to the beach in April, being able to open my windows and smell FRESH air (at least for a while before it's blazing hot), sitting outside and chatting with my neighbors and not having to wear 4 layers of clothing all the time because my house is so cold.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Valentine's Day filled with love.

  19. Sure love this cute little blog of yours. Happy Birthday little Blog :) Happy Weekend Shelley and I love all the little gifts you've got together. Crossing my fingers, The Lady

  20. Shoot - am I too late to sign up to win your great things?

    And as for spring? I am looking forward to NOT zipping five jackets and more trips outside and less mittens cluttering our sunroom.

    And hope. I am looking forward to hope.