Friday, February 5, 2010

"Sweet Friend"

A friend loves at all times, and is born, as is a brother, for adversity.
King Solomon

I told you how inspiring I found Rebecca Sower and her needlework and her buttons. So, I decided to make a little collage of sorts of my own and attached it to the front of a card for a dear friend for Valentine's Day.

It was so much fun to stitch away on this and think of the ways she makes me laugh . . .

and reads my true heart no matter what my mouth is saying . . .

and bears her own soul without fear . . . or pretense.

I have to believe (although I don't know but such a small part of you, as we comment back and forth) that you, dear readers, are much the same sort of people.

Yes, just very much the same.

Sweet friends.


  1. Shelley! This is wonderful! Me thinks you might have caught the infectious Rebecca Sower inspiration bug. Typically, there is no known cure. I laughed out loud when I read your earlier post on the crocheted bag...that was a riot!!!! I hope you'll post on the Etsy piece you purchased from Haiti. Those pieces were amazing. xo sue

  2. Oh!! Rebecca's sweet beautiful creations are droolworthy...your friend will love this...i am sure she too is a treasure to you...xx

  3. You ARE a Valentine ! ! !

    Heartfelt Hugs,

  4. I love what you have done, it is a sweet card.

  5. I have the "Rebecca" bug too:)
    Really love your stitched card--charming in every way!
    With Love from the Cabin,
    Claudia O.

  6. You are blessed to have such a true friend, and I am sure she thinks she is blessed to have you as a friend, as well. You expressed yourself so eloquently. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  7. Charming. Love this idea. I too, feel the same about football. I too, feel the same about that yummie dessert.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  8. I love the stitching around the heart and the little circle of beads - wonderful detail!

  9. Darling little quilty thing. Nice work. Fun to look at.

    Best wishes. Linda

  10. I'm betting your special friend will be quite touched. It's lovely!

  11. Hi Shelley! So fun to see your post for the first time~ and then a comment from Sue whom I just met from a Haiti by hand purchase. God is good! I especially love your comments about Perfectionism in your "about me" section. Seems to be an epidemic. Glad that, like me you are fighting the beast well. Have fun~ be messy when you can, it's beautiful thing!