Monday, February 8, 2010

So, What Did You Do During the Super Bowl?

Just wondering if you are football fans, football-phobic, or somewhere in the middle!

I've tried to like football . . . I really have.

I didn't grow up with football on TV . . . on the front lawn . . . at my school. Nothing.

But I quickly caught on that many in the male species were particular enamored by this sport.

In college, I thought it would help my conversational abilities with said species if I knew a little about the game, so I checked out a book from the library (my solution for most of the problems of life).

I read it. I tried to understand it. I tried to care. I could not.

Reality check: (If you have to check out a book to understand football, you are way too geeky to even be going down that path. Stop immediately. Retrace your steps. Run for your life.)

One of my first "dates" with the Man of the House was on New Year's Day. We hung out at another buddy's bachelor pad. There were 3 TV's playing 3 different games. I sat there and attempted to watch and feign interest for 10 straight hours. Yep, me and 4 sports-crazy guys. I was wishing I had snuck in a book . . . like something by Jan Karon. But, of course, I didn't want to appear . . . ahem . . . uninterested . . . or weird . . . or, uh, geeky.

And, well, that's just as far as it's gotten. Any time there's a big game, I usually look at the 2 teams, note the colors of uniforms, pick my favorite color, and claim them as my team for the night. I'm sorry . . . I'm sorry. I know that makes any football fans among you feel slightly nauseous.

So, last night was the Super Bowl. Everyone was in high spirits. Snacks were prepared, blankets were tucked around toes, seats were "claimed."

Youngest Daughter danced into the kitchen.

"This is a very special night!"

"Oh, really, why do you think so?"

"Because we've got all this really good food."

"Oh, and by that, you mean the 3 different varieties of Cheez-Its and the strawberries dipped in mounds of powdered sugar that you have on your plate?"

"Uh-huh!" Eyes glowing, feet dancing, smiling ear to ear.

Football. Very special night. I've lost them all . . . every last one of them.

So, what did I do on Super Bowl Night? I made a fabulous apple pie for them to enjoy.

See, I may not like football, but I'm not a spoil sport. I'll make your snacks, tuck your blankets, and serve you apple pie a la mode to die for.

Just, please, don't make me watch!


  1. My husband was not feeling well, so I went and got a cake with my kids from Publix shaped like a football, b/c I knew he would watch the Superbowl even not feeling well. We did have plans with friends, but had to cancel. I on the other hand, bathed kids, fed kids, had football cake with kids, and then talked to my parents, and watched the 3 & 4 quarters with my sicky hubby! I try to enjoy it, but really the food is the most important part of any Super Bowl!

  2. Oh, your post is great! I love it! That's exactly how I feel. I even tried to be interested last night and sat and watched for a bit. I thought the lighting for The Who group during half-time was amazing. Then I watched some of the football - what a strange game! I don't get it. A bunch of guys piling on each other and rolling over the field to get the ball. Whatever... Your pie looks delicious! Great way to "participate".

  3. Not only did I not watch the game, I didn't make a single snack and I do not even know which teams were participating.

    Go football.

  4. I am with you, Shelley! I didn't even turn it on. AND, since my oven broke last week and the new one wasn't even delivered until yesterday, I didn't cook, either. We visited with friends and watched reruns on ABC.

    My husband really loved college football and that is also my favorite. We watched all the Georgia Bulldog's games, but he didn't really pay much attention to the pros UNTIL SUPER BOWL TIME!! What is it with guys? I still only watched some of the commercials with him, but I cooked awesome food! (which is probably why he loved the Super Bowl so much)

    Your pie looks awesome, by the way.

    P.S. I laughed SO HARD when I saw your extremely long shopping bag. It was a beautiful color and looked lovely when it was made. It was just the picture with it almost dragging the ground that did me in. That is SO something I would do.

  5. Weelll...this is one gal that LOVES ball...SEC (Go Dawgs)...Pro yes, I was partying, cheering, jumping up and down, and of course...munching on super good super bowl food. GEAUX SAINTS! :)

  6. We watched the Super Bowl but did not worry much about the food part.
    But now we understand your love for football ;)