Sunday, January 31, 2010

What the Snow Brought

The snow that swept across the Southeast this weekend had none of the charm of previous snows. It was not fluffy or magical. It did not turn our landscape into a wonderland.

It was slushy, messy, icy, sleet-y.

But it brought us a gift.

To this family that is busier-than-it-ought-to-be, the snow and ice brought a gift.

The icy, sleet-y, messy roads shut . us . down . completely.

Basketball game 2 hours away on Friday night: Canceled

Basketball game on Saturday morning: Canceled

AAU basketball tryouts: Postponed

High school ice skating activity: Not happening

Plans for sleepovers, birthday parties, and gatherings of all kinds: Terminated

Pleas to take teenagers out for driving practice: Silenced

Requests to shop for birthday gifts, accessories, food items, or electronics: Non-existent

Aaah! The gift that the snow brought was permission (or demand!) that we stop and that for 2 blessed days we just "be."

So instead, for the past two days we've done a little of this:

and a little of this:

and a bit of this:

and some of this:

and a good bit of this:

It was delightful.

I checked to see if there was a span of time to which I could go back that would have no automobiles and yet still have electricity. But, alas, they both arrived on the scene of American history pretty much simultaneously.

So, if I want to keep my central heat, clothes washer, and flat iron, I had better not complain about the demands of my car. I can't go back in time and have one without the other.

But I sure wish I could.


  1. I guess we could build a commune based on that philosophy.

  2. Cute post hon. Happy Day, The Lady

  3. isn't it nice just to "be" it looked wonderful!! so glad to have found you and *thank you* for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate it!

    faded prairie

  4. What a nice time for you sounds like teenagers really do make life busier...sigh....:)!