Monday, January 11, 2010

Wanted: A Warm Neck

I knew I had a problem when I walked into Target this weekend and saw the large display of bathing suits in the women's section of the store.

Never mind that it was 21 degrees outside. Never mind that it is early January. Never mind that my neck has been freezing and I needed a scarf.

No, this is the South, and in the South, scarves are looked at as a fashion accessory at best and a lame Christmas gift at worst. For that matter, waterproof gloves, toboggan hats, and snow boots are ordered cavalierly by the stores' purchasing departments with wild rolling of the eyes. One shipment comes in, and when those are gone (usually around Christmas), you had better just tie grocery bags over your hands and feet because none are coming back in.

Yes, we sure suffer down here in the South.

So, when a thorough search of my South Carolina town turned up one black scarf with lurex skulls, a fuschia acrylic rib knit, and a Hello Kitty Snow Time Adventure scarf, I turned to Etsy . . . which is where I should have headed in the first place.

Wonderful, wonderful, where a quick search brings up a zillion possibilities.

Just look at these beauties!

I'm really into gray after my sweater find. And don't you just love the crocheted fringe?

Isn't this adorable?? The description said to wear it when I'm feeling boho chic, which I think is pretty much all the time.

I'd wear this one when I'm feeling elegant.


And this one when I'm feeling downright dramatically romantic.


When it's time to be classic, there's woodsy cables,


creamy cables,


And hoping-for summer sunny cables. (Boy I could really smile in this one!)


Love this rich color and all the glorious knitted lace.

I'd wear this one on days when I didn't care about being warm . . . just felt funky and wanted to impress my artsy friends.

I'd snap up this felted scarf in a heartbeat. Too bad it has to be shipped all the way from Norway!


Oh, Etsy, Etsy Dear. So many beautiful scarves to love . . . so little disposable income to spend.


  1. Awesome. (I agree that string bikini's at Target in January is just a bit on the hasty side :) We have them, too. And we're considered a Northern State. Love the scarves, by the way!

  2. (Bikinis does not need an apostrophe.)

  3. Neckwarmers. I've completed one. I used a pattern from Fibermania at blogspot.
    I'm having fun participating in 20 Minutes A Day.

  4. I adore this post on scarves! I LOVE the cream flowery one!