Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Two Sides of Winter

With Christmas long gone, there was now a need to layout something on the dining room table to cover the bare expanse of the wood.

Christmas took all my decorating energy . . . and let's just say there's precious little of that in the first place. So, I "shopped the house," as The Nester says and found something to put together.
Something that still gives me the softness and glow and reflection that winter needs. And it's simple . . . has to be simple!

First I laid 3 octagon mirrors in the middle of the table . . .

. . . and onto the mirrors went 3 silver candlesticks with their beaded shades.

To soften up the coldness of the silver, I found a nice length of tassel trim that was left over from my curtains.

Yummmmm, I love tassels!!

And then, to tie together the warm colors of the tassels with the cool silvers, I tossed around some red mosaic votives that have a bit of a silvery sheen.

Cool and shimmery . . . warm and textured . . . love the contrasts.

Just like the two sides of winter . . . outside my windows . . . and inside, next to the fire.


  1. very pretty, i love the colors with the silver!

  2. Wow! It looks like you shopped at one of those fancy boutiques that cost way too much -- but you just used what you already had and it is gorgeous : )

  3. beautiful.

    you have a talent!!!

  4. Looks the mirrors!

  5. Sorry...that is ME above, saying that...I forgot my daughter was signed in!