Saturday, January 30, 2010

Button Love

I do LOVE buttons!

The first hand work I ever remember doing was sewing buttons on an old dishcloth with my "Oma." She loved needlework.

What a sweet memory! And what I wouldn't do to have all her buttons now!

So when I discovered Rebecca Sower's art in the past several weeks (yes, I know, I must be the last person on the planet to discover her . . . or at least here in Blogland!), the thing that I found most enchanting is her random, pensive, and whimsical use of buttons.

Just look!





I'm inspired. I have lots of buttons. I have ideas. I have lots of inspirational ideas about buttons.

Youngest Daughter and I started a sorting game . . . shiny black buttons, warm brown buttons,
buttons that looked like daisies and little friends and juicy raspberries and deep blue bowls.

And when all were sorted, we pinned them up on my cork board and felt very productive and very tingly happy and very, very inspired.

I feel a project coming on!


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with...I have a massive love affair with buttons myself.

  2. I totally agree with you when it comes to loving buttons -- I can spend hours just playing with them and sorting them. It can be hard to actually use them for anything because I don't want to part with them. Last week I bought two 1 pound bags from Walmart. I thought about doing a post on buttons but have been spending all my time making sock critters and using the buttons for eyes. Pictures will be on my blog soon. Enjoy your buttons -- I will be watching to see what you create with them : )

  3. So fun! I love buttons too and that gal is SO CREATIVE! Wow! And no! You aren't the last to find out about her... I have never heard of her... so excited to go check out more of her stuff! AND I'm excited to see what you got planned :) Happy Day, The Lady

  4. Well, you're organized now.
    Must have had a great helper.
    You do have a collection, don;t cha.
    Over the years I lost my collection leftover from my Mother's day. Dang ! ! !
    I enjoy your blogging.

  5. I too, love buttons! What is it about those shiny little things? I few months ago, I sat on the floor of my little room, and sorted them, just as I had as a child in my grandmother's store in which women who could afford to have dresses and suits designed especially for them, would come and shop.
    MY daughter looked in on me and laughed. She has her own special collections and doesn't get my infatuation with buttons!
    I will have to go check on this other button maniac - I mean collector/lover!