Friday, February 11, 2011

Hopeful Signs

In spite of the fact that the weather teased us with two days of sun and warmth, I can now feel cold air once again moving in, with its gray skies, low clouds and chilling of the bone.

However . . . I will not despair!!

I have seen the little daffodil shoots beginning to poke their green heads up through the ground.

The pansies are once again lifting their heads and taking courage.

And I bought a delightful pair of ruched summery flats at Target.

With all these hopeful signs, spring can't possibly be far away; can it??!!  (And yes, I'm putting some lotion on those parched feet right away!)

Happy soon-to-be-spring weekending!


  1. Hahaa! My feet need a lot more than lotion! Spring is on its way for you--we have a few more weeks before even these signs--except for the pansies at Target ;)

  2. Oh so good to see it coming your way....yes, a while still before we see these beautiful signs. Thanks for posting your Pansy toes....what a giggle! Cute shoes girlfriend! XO

  3. must be seeing more signs of it than we are here :) But I won't depair...I know we, too, will see it soon! (Love the new shoes by the way!)

  4. Our winter is not as severe as yours but i always look forward to it, Autumn first of course. The smell in the air changes, and the first leaves begin to fall. Fortunately for us, we live in the mountain ranges so we do in fact have a season unlike other areas close by who do not get to experience the colour or the temperature really. Mostly Queensland has two seasons....and summer is the longer of the two....happy spring!! and they are lovely little flats, nice choice..x

  5. Oh I love seeing these little snowdrops are almost out and my primroses are in bloom....bring on Spring!

    Thank you for your sweet comments you left me the other day...what a blessing you are to me.

    Hugs for a great day. xoxoxo