Monday, March 28, 2011


I came upon this little vignette on a trip through the living room . . . maybe with another load of laundry, or to let the whining dogs out the door, or to rescue a child from certain mental death-by-geometry.

And there it was, a moment you can't stage or plan but just enjoy . . .and then hope they don't see you running for the camera.

The two girls poring over the American Girl magazine.  Older daughter having left that "land" years back but still interested in who the new American Girl for this year is.  Younger Daughter just making the discoveries of Molly and Kaya and Kit and the doll you can create to look "just like you."

My bookend daughters.  One constantly introducing the other to a new stage of life, and the other keeping fresh the discoveries of past joys.

Wishing you a blessed day and maybe a fresh, joyful discovery today too!!


  1. my heart is smiling big over this precious capture!

  2. Wonderful small moments to treasure always.
    There was always an excitement when that big catalog came in the mail at my house. My girls are getting a bit older and not into it as much---I wish they wouldn't grow up so fast.
    Have a beautiful day. BTW I recognize your stitching in your banner--I did the same e-zine. Love it

  3. ADORABLE!!!! Glad they blessed your day!

  4. This could not be any more precious - on a myriad of levels.

    I love the phrase "bookend daughters".
    I count it an incredible blessing of my life to reap the benefits of having so many daughters - and aren't you grateful God chose to send yours at the beginning and the end?

  5. I would love to have a sister for our daughter. Don't think it is in His plan though. Enjoy your girls!

  6. hi sweet and touching. thanks for sharing.


  7. So very precious!! Your words. Their faces!