Monday, March 7, 2011

Just the Way Your Family Likes It

Jumbo Tin of Virginia Peanuts - $ Not Cheap
Double Bag of SunMaid Raisins - $ Pricey
Deluxe Size Jar of Salted Almonds - $ Steep
XXL Bag of Milk Chocolate M&M's - $ Expensive
Supersize Can of Cashews - $ Costly

Getting To Make Trail Mix Just the Way Your Family Likes It - $ Priceless


  1. Looks really yummy...minus the raisins. I can't handle the texture of raisins, but that's just me. I have no idea why, but I never thought to make my own trail mix. You have just inspired me. Thanks!!!

  2. First - I have been reading your blog in my e-mail reader for so long that I have not noticed the new format. I love the photos up top. It is so much more pleasing to read over here.

    Second - Homemade trail mix is way better - and when you pay high dollar for the other kind and noone eats it - then you are just wasting money.

    Third - Your jars are adorable.

    Fourth - Isn't it ridiculous how expensive m&m's are right now? About as bad as gas prices.

  3. We would need a set of these in our house, too, for our non-nut lovers. Great idea...and they look beautiful!

  4. eating the whole jar {with almonds} in one sitting: $HAMEFUL, BUT I COULD DO IT...and then pay dearly for it!

    Love that new banner & look of your blog!