Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Craft Guilt

I'm going to have to admit something right here and now in Blogland that's not going to be popular and that I'm not proud of.  

I do not like children's crafts.

There it is right out there.  

I get why they're important.  But in this one year, Youngest Daughter has brought home the Eiffel Tower made out of straws, a giant tissue paper flower the size of a large lampshade, Rapunzel's entire castle, complete with a blonde braid, and a Jack who can (by pulling a cord) climb the beanstalk and visit the giant.  Those are just the few I can remember.  And the deal is . . . what to do with them!!

So, I am very pleased to say that Youngest Daughter has brought home a craft that I adore and plan to keep.  My guilt at secretly crushing the 125 plastic straws and the accompanying blue painter's tape is now assuaged.

This is a craft that works for me.  And here is why:

*  The craft has a sentimental element.  I'm pretty sure that the foam base of this little bird is cut in the shape of Youngest Daughter's hand, so I have a forever memory of the sweet and tiny size of her hand.  I do have a tender spot for any crafts memorializing tiny hands, feet, or fingerprints.  ::sigh::

*  The craft includes something natural.  I don't mind a craft that has a little bit of nature in it (hence my disdain of the plastic straws and painter's tape!).  Small stones, twigs, and shells are delightful.  I'm pretty sure that under the bright red, orange and brown, those feathers really did use to belong to a chicken somewhere.

*  The craft is useful.  Who couldn't use a clever way to keep their recipes up and out of the olive oil . . . or flour . . . or melted white chocolate.  My recipe cards and recipe books are a testimony to the fact that I've needed this craft around my kitchen for about 20 years.

So, yes, all in all a very enjoyable craft.  And it certainly comforts my heart to be able to say so.


  1. You are soooo cute...I can relate and I am a teacher!!! Now i must say that little red bird is adorable.
    I must remember this one.

    Hugs for a great day my friend. oxox

  2. Good thing that garbage cans can't talk...!!!!

    I'm positive that every mother who reads this got a good chuckle today. And I do agree, the recipe holder is special!

  3. I still have an egg-carton Caterpillar made by one of my daughters. They are now 49 years old and 51 years old.
    Oh, dear. . . .

  4. I can relate! And, yes, that craft is a keeper.