Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Comes to the Front Porch

Spring has come right to my front porch.  Mama and Papa bird have chosen a hanging plant, alive with raspberry-colored pansies, to be their home.

One must, however, consider the wisdom of these birds in choosing this particular location for their home.  How long did Mama and Papa Bird look around for a home?  Was Mama drawn in by the beauty of the flowers and the view and foolishly talk Papa into a spot mere inches from the front steps?  Did Papa think the fact that it was semi-sheltered from the weather make it secure and safe and not listen when Mama commented that being one stride away from a human's front door could be a concern?

Did these birds checked this place out? 

Have they noticed the front door slamming open and shut at all hours of the day?  Have they seen the parades of children up and down the front steps?  Did they notice the 2 large dogs peering intently out the window, ready to protect the house from all that moves on the outside?  Have they watched scooters, skateboards, and BMX bikes whisk along the porch and down the steps . . . or the rail?  Do they know that eager and excited children will be banging on the window, peering into the basket, thrilling with the excitement of a tenant on the porch?

I think not.

I watched Mama and Papa all day.  Papa seemed incredulous at the commotion and noise and left to watch from a safe distance on the peak of the roof.  Mama jolted and jumped and jostled at each new intrusion into her little world. 

And finally, at the end of only one long and disturbing day, Mama gathered up her skirts, gave Papa the high sign, and they were out of there.  Home abandoned.  Relocation begun.

I watched her fly away.  I knew what she was thinking.

I called after her, "I understand, Mama Bird!  Sometimes you think you'll lose your mind!  But it really isn't so bad once you get used to it!"

She never looked back.


  1. I love to see nature up close. What God has made truly is amazing!

    Looking at your pretty hanging basket, all I have to say is "You actually got Spring?" Where I live in New Brunswick, Canada, the weather man (yes it is a man) is calling for 15 more centimeters of snow tonight, and another 5 tomorrow. Spring, you say. Huff!

  2. So fun to read your post today! One of our neighbors was just showing me a neat some birds are building near his back door. Hhe said that first mama hopped into the space and did her little dance. Then papa hoped in and did his little dance, checking out the potential site for their new home. Apparently both approved of the new site because they both left and then came back with twigs and leaves and have started building their nest.

  3. 'I called after her, "I understand, Mama Bird! Sometimes you think you'll lose your mind! But it really isn't so bad once you get used to it!"' - I often think this about my own home LOL

    P.S. I don't like children's crafts either. And that goes double if glitter is involved.

  4. Awww, funny little birds. We've had birds nesting on our back deck for years. I often wonder if its the same ones that return each year. But, they manage to stick around, in the eaves right above the back door. Great post, Shelley!