Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saturday Bagel Mornings

When all the kiddos were little, a family tradition was born.  Bagels on Saturday mornings.
About once a month the Man of the House heads out early, early to fight the crowds and bring home the prize . . . still-warm, mouth-watering, teeth-exercising bagels from the local bagel shop.  Everyone gets their favorite:
Man of the House:  Salt.  Topped with copious amounts of crunchy, Kosher salt.  How can this possibly be desireable?
Youngest Daughter:  Asiago Cheese.  Ripped into little pieces.  Cream cheese spread on all the little pieces.  Extremely time-consuming.  There's a reason babies of the family grow up to think life is all about them.  ::sigh::

Youngest Son:  Cinnamon Sugar.  Sticky.  Gooey.  Delicious.

Middle Son:  Cinnamon Raisin.  A classic.
Oldest Son:  Jalapeno Cheese.  And any other kinds that he can ferret out during the course of the day.  Can easily down a half dozen.  Burns it off playing basketball and generally keeping his 6'5" teenage body fueled.
Oldest Daughter:  None.  Gluten-intolerant.  Knows she'll pay for any gluten indulgence.  Walks away from it.  Disciplined . . . tough.
Me:  Sun-Dried Tomato/Spinach.  Gluten-intolerant.  Know I'll pay for any gluten indulgence.  Gobble it down spread thickly with cream cheese and a tall glass of orange juice.  Pathetically undisciplined . . . horribly weak-willed . . . hopelessly in love with Saturday Bagel Mornings.


  1. so sad for oldest daughter..but good she knows her limits. Now I think your youngest son knows how to live! Hope your day is going well. xoxo

  2. Oh how I rememeber those days of bagel love. I loved both blueberry and cinnamon raisin spread with a little bit of strawberry flavored cream cheese. Or, a take on a grill cheese sandwich...two slices of white american cheese in a plain bagel, grilled on the skillet. But nowadays, my tummy won't take it. Gluten intolerant here too.