Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pioneer Woman and Balance and Home

I like Pioneer Woman.

She makes me feel like she's just another mom, like me . . . even if she did write a cookbook, 
publish her love story, and appear on all the morning shows.

If you read her blog, you can see she's pulling back  a little lately on her schedule.

She mentioned (on this post) a new upcoming opportunity and then added:

And most of all, it’s something fun I can do without ever leaving [home].

And I’ve learned that the more I apply that filter to the things I want to do,

 the more my life tends to stay in balance. 

 And balance, I’ve learned firsthand, is a beautiful, wonderful thing.



There's something very centering about being there.

And not even just "being there" physically.


But "being there" emotionally.

Heart, soul, body and mind.

Home keeps me humble, focused, and . . . yes . . . balanced.

 It is a "beautiful, wonderful thing."

Yep, me and Pioneer Woman . . . just 2 BFFs learning life together.

(all pictures courtesy of tiny white daisies)


  1. FABULOUS post!! yes, yes, YES! I so agree...so so cool to hear her thoughts. (I saw on FB that it's her own cooking show on Food Network?)

  2. hi shelley.....isn't it awesome that she's getting her own show? i cannot wait. i have her cookbook and copied many recipes off her blog. my boys are always excited when i'm preparing a pioneer woman recipe!

    and i love the photos. and the beautiful words that went with them. home is my favorite place to be.


  3. Oh I love that Ree!!! She is delightful in everyway no wonder everyone falls in love with her. Wise words. Plus she is one great cook!

    Your images are amazing...that last one ...oh boy...I love it!

  4. Great post, Shelley! I love the images you've chosen...they match your sentiments so well. Esp. like your words of home keeps me humble, focused and balanced. Dorothy was right, there is no place like home! Xo, Sue

  5. Oh, I can so relate to your post. I'm a homebody too.

    I did not know that about Ree getting her own show. Cool!