Friday, April 15, 2011

Necessary Knitting

There are all kinds of reasons to knit. 

Today I'm starting some necessary knitting.  My dishcloths are in shreds, and once you use a knitted cotton dishcloth, there is no going back to some other cheap substitute!

Let me just insert here that as pretty as lace-patterned dishcloths may look, they just can't stand up to the wear and tear of every day use in a family of 7.  Leave the beauty in your drawer and just pop it out when company comes so they will think you always indulge in such luxury of freshly-knitted, lace-patterned, bright red dishcloths.

I'm looking forward to starting this dishcloth by Mason-Dixon.  Love the bright colors and the nice, tight stitching.  No more sissy lace-knit dishcloths for this family.


  1. Shelley, I grew up with four brothers. I know how things in the household get USED.
    So, here's what I'm thinking. You will be making way more than one of these dishcloths so making one more for me wouldn't put you out ! ! ! !
    Oh, I am just kidding. I've already followed your link and have saved the directions and plan to put some yarn to needles and make one. Though not certain I can attain the bright and wonderfully cheery colors in your picture.

    Thanks for your comment on my quilted table topper. I am thinking of making another using Moda Sunskissed fabrics I won last month.

    BTW, you are one funny gal. I love reading your posts. Always something goin' on.

    Hugs to you,

  2. Shelley, you go, girl! I don't make "no stinkin sissy" dishcloths, I make boring, "practical" ones, that "work" for a living! And I give them for Christmas gifts as well!

  3. So.

    Can I order some of those bright amazing dish cloths?

    How much more would I love cleaning up after my many messy children if, in my hand, was a little piece of homemade beautiful?

    The dishcloth I won from your site over a year ago is still my absolute favorite and I am happy every time it makes it back to the rounds after a washing!

  4. I agree with you about sissy dishcloths! Thanks so much for the link, those dishcloths look so pretty and like they will get the job done.

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