Sunday, December 18, 2011

Before We Leave the Subject of Christmas Decor . . .

Remember the child who was so desperate for Christmas decorations that she taped pieces of green and red thread to her wall?

Yes, this one:

Well, I can't leave the subject of Christmas decor without giving you a little peek in to her room.

Between school crafts and my cast off decorating goodies from year's past, she has managed to "decorate" every square inch of her bedroom . . . bringing herself much Christmas delight and good cheer.

Shiny red Christmas garland, snipped into little bits and taped (and apparently re-taped and re-taped) 
onto pieces of furniture, walls, and windows.

Santa stickers peeled and stuck with abandon onto other un-Christmas-y pieces of decor.

A little Rudolph for the door.

Gold ribbon to accent her wall art . . . 4 glittery ornaments taped on for good measure.

All dresser knobs sporting shiny Christmas balls and someValentine's (!!) ribbon to bring in a little red.

Crowning achievement:  Bookshelf stuffed with Christmas balls, golden crown, Christmas carousel, Rudolph, Christmas stickers, figurines, gingerbread boy, and some out-of-place white poinsettias.

I do fully expect that one day I will drive up to this child's suburban home and find a molded plastic Santa in her front yard, pulled by 6 pink flamingos.  Things just seem to be headed that way in the decor department.

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