Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Reason to Love the Internet

A sweet friend was having her 70th birthday.  And what, oh what, does one get a 70 year-old for their birthday?  This is the stage of life where people are unloading their "stuff," not seeking more.  This is the stage of life where a person is long past thinking some "thing" they can acquire will make them happy.  The present had to have significance.

Gift-giving is just not my thing.    Things just do not come to mind.  Right about this time, however, she acquired an old book from a friend's library.  A book called God's Candlelights by Mable Shaw . . . long out of print but a delightful telling of her time teaching in Africa.  My friend was inspired and enchanted.

Which set me to thinking . . . could it be Mabel Shaw had written other books that could delight my friend?  Enter the internet.  In a flash I had found that Mabel Shaw had, indeed, written at least 3 other books, all out of print.  Next step, searching rare book sites.  One was found here in America, two were found in England, Mabel Shaw's home country.  In several weeks, all 3 books were on my dining room table, wrapped in string and ready to celebrate with my friend on her 70th.

Dawn in Africa was only to be found in one location, a dusty little shop in a small village in England.  It came smelling like a dusty little shop in a small village in England.

Thirty years ago, I could not have brought a smile to a friend's face with rare books garnered from places far away.  Today, because of the internet, I could bring them home.


  1. Such a lovely gesture, Shelley.
    You're a very good friend.

  2. That was such a good idea! I bet she'll be thrilled :)

  3. ...what a delightful not in the giving of a gift but the loVe and thought that goes along with it...and with new technology of today you were able to retreave and old forgotten book many miles from home to make this a very special gift for that very special birthday...your thought will resonate long after the book is finished...heartwarming Shelley...Mel :)

  4. What a perfect gift...she will love it. Hugs for a wonderful Monday! Thanks for your sweet comments today. xoxoxo