Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can A Dish Cloth be Inspired?

There isn't a lot of what I would call inspirational knitting going on around here.  Not a lot of rustic arans or delicate laces or mind-bending intarsias.

The kind of knitting that is going on around here is the kind that I pick up when overseeing an 8th grade math lesson.  The kind of knitting that lets me concentrate on something other than place value.  But not the kind that ties up my mind . . . because then I might miss the fact that a certain 8th grader has been doodling the Coca-Cola label on his scratch paper for the last half hour instead of solving for y.

But even the most pedestrian kind of knitting, the knitting of a new dishcloth, can benefit from some inspiration, and when these sunflowers walked in my door one gray, winter day, the glowing cheer they brought inspired me for exactly the color I needed to have flipped over the side of my sink all year long.

Love these long rows of ribs that make for great scrubbing and radiate with the brightness of the sunflower.

It may not be knitting to stun and marvel.  But for me, feeling the softness of Blue Sky's cotton slide through my fingers in one dazzling row after the other, it is knitting to inspire.  Even in a dish cloth!!


  1. Lovely yellow!! It could melt the 10 inches of snow we received yesterday!!

  2. Sunflowers and dishcloths - what a perfect combination! Happy colors!

  3. What a great inspiration, sunflowers are so cheery!